Blackmore Vale Vets Brucella Canis Overview for Dog Owners

What is Brucella Canis?

Brucella canis is a bacterial infection, reported worldwide, but especially concerning in Eastern Europe.

In humans and dogs Brucella canis can cause infertility, abortions and stillbirth, brain and spinal problems along with eye, kidney and liver disease. The disease can pass to humans through bodily fluids of infected dogs, it is for this reason we have developed additional protocols for dogs rescued from higher risk countries. Once infected, dogs are considered to be infected for life, even after antibiotic treatments.


A simple blood test taken by your vet or nurse can detect Brucella canis.  If positive, you, your doctor and your vet can work together to decide the best possible course of action for yourself and your pet.

It is therefore now practice policy at the Blackmore Vale Veterinary Centre that dogs which were not born in the UK must have a certified test for Brucella to remain or become registered at the practice.


The current fee for this test at Blackmore Vale Vets is £149.06. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price correct as of September 2023

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